Contributed Rake vs Dealt Rake

Within our poker bonus pages, we provide numerous examples of how to clear poker bonuses offered by online poker sites that accept players from the States. One of the major factors that determines how ‘easy’ it is to redeem an online poker bonus is the way in which an online poker room allocates the VIP/Rank/Player/Benefit Points that players need to accumulate in order to clear their poker bonuses.

The online poker sites featured by use either the contributed rake method to calculate how many Points a player is awarded or the dealt rake method. Depending on the type of player you are, the ease of clearing an online poker bonus can be influenced by the Points distribution – and this article explains why.

Contributed Rake

The contributed rake method allocates Player Points on the contribution that is personally made to the rake which is deducted from a pot. Therefore if you are playing on a $0.10/$0.20 cash game table , and you are involved in a three-way pot worth $8.00, the poker room will deduct $0.40 from the pot before it is paid to the winner and allocate 0.25 Points between the three players involved in the conclusion of the pot (so, 0.0833 Points per player).

You do not necessarily have to be involved in the conclusion of a pot to receive Player Points. If, for example, you were in the big blind in the above hand, and folded because of the action preceding your turn to bet, you would still receive 0.0050 Points for your contribution to the pot of $0.20 (the Big Blind). A similar scenario applies if you folded on the river in the above hand after contributing $1.00 to the pot. You would receive 0.0312 Points for your one-eighth contribution to the rake.

The more pots you are involved in, the more you will contribute to the rake and the more points you will be awarded. Therefore this type of Points allocation system would suit the looser player who tends to get involved in a high number of hands.

Dealt Rake

The dealt rake method allocates points to every player dealt into a hand (i.e. not sitting out) irrespective of the contribution that player makes to the pot – or whether they pay into the pot at all. If the above hand was played on a 6-Max table at Americas Cardroom – where 2.2 Player Points are awarded for a $0.40 rake deduction from the pot – each of the six players at the table would receive 0.3666 Player Points towards the redemption of their online poker bonus.

This method of Points allocation would benefit the tight player who does not get involved in a great number of pots – preferring to wait until a solid opening hand synchronizes with the dynamics of the table. However, it may be in a player´s best interests to play on a full ring table distributing points using the dealt rake method, for although the Points awarded per hand would be shared between up to nine players (rather than up to six), there is likely to be more action at a full ring table.

Please remember that all the sites featured on apply a ‘No Flop, No Drop’ policy. This means that is a pot is won before the ‘flop’ is dealt (the first three community cards), no rake is deducted from the pot and no Player Points are awarded.

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The examples provided above may only indicate very small differences, but multiply those differences by the many thousands of hands you will play to redeem an online poker bonus and the difference will be significant.