Carbon Poker Bonus

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Carbon Poker is a “skin” on the Merge Gaming Network. This means that it is one poker site connected to a number of other online poker sites on the “network”, allowing players from all the networked sites to compete against each other.

The site was originally established in 2006 and joined the network in 2007. Carbon Poker has an excellent reputation for fairness and good customer support and although predominantly known for its poker, Carbon Poker also offers its players casino, sportsbook and racebook facilities.

The Carbon Poker Bonus

The Carbon Poker First Deposit Bonus is currently 100% on deposits up to $1,000. This means that if you were to pay $1,000 into your Carbon Poker account, you would be eligible for $1,000 as a first deposit bonus. Not everybody has that sort of spare cash to invest in their poker skills, so Carbon Poker applies their bonus to any first deposit of $50.00 or more.

The bonus is redeemed by earning Player Points every time you contribute to a raked pot in a cash poker game or pay a fee to enter a Sit n Go or Multi Table Poker tournament. 10 VIP Points are awarded for each dollar raked/paid in fees, and every time you accumulate 4,000 Player Points, $20.00 is released from the pending bonus and added to your Carbon Poker bankroll.

Redeeming the Carbon Poker Bonus

One of the best ways to redeem the Carbon Poker bonus is to multitable full ring No Limit Texas Hold´em tables (more hands see the flop on full ring tables, so more Player Points are awarded). By using the example below as a guide, you will be able to determine how much time you need to spend at the tables to redeem your Carbon Poker bonus. Please use this example pro rata if you intend depositing more/less into your Carbon Poker account.

For the purposes of our example, we have deposited $1,000 to qualify for the maximum bonus. We are going to open up eight $0.25/$0.50 full ring tables and take $50.00 to each. We acknowledge that our choice of tables is a bit above standard bankroll management, but the standard of play at the full ring tables on Carbon Poker is very loose, and we want to take full advantage of it!

At each of the those tables, an average pot would be around $10.00 – from which Carbon Poker would take $0.55 in rake and distribute 5.5 Player Points pro rata between the players who have contributed to the pot. We aim to be involved in no more than 25% of the 80 rakeable hands per hour so, assuming we have contributed 50% to the rake, we will be earning (2.75 Player Points x 20 hands) 55 Player Points per table per hour – a total of 440 Player Points per hour if we are multitabling eight games consecutively.

As we have deposited $1,000, and have a potential $1,000 bonus available to us, we are going to need to collect a total of 200,000 Carbon Poker Player Points in order to redeem the maximum Carbon Poker bonus in the 60 days allowed. Therefore, at the rate of 440 Player Points per hour, we are going to have to play poker at Carbon Poker for 455 hours – or about 7 and a half hours per day in order to clear the full Carbon Poker bonus.

Although this may seem like a lot of poker, please remember that as the increments of the bonus are added to your account (and you clean up at the soft tables) your poker bankroll will increase, enabling you to open more tables at one time or to increase the stake levels you are playing at, and thus reduce the amount of time you need to play poker in order to redeem the full bonus.

Other Carbon Poker Bonuses

Carbon Poker encourages players to visit the site regularly, and rewards players who do with a seat in a freeroll tournament with a $1,000 prize pool. In order to qualify for the freeroll, players have to activate the “2-a-Day” promotion via the player admin section of the Carbon Poker client and then earn two Player Points each day for a calendar month.

The freeroll tournament is played on the second Saturday of the month following the qualifying period and – like many other Carbon Poker tournaments – the standard of play in the freeroll is not so great, enabling new and existing players to add some valuable free poker money to their Carbon Poker bankroll.

Also watch out for Carbon Poker´s tournament series. A lot of players from the site´s casino and sportsbook migrate across to the poker tables when tournament series are being hosted by Carbon Poker – attracted by the valuable prizes on offer. It is possible to qualify for the high buy-in events through a comprehensive satellite schedule, and receive an excellent ROI when you cash in the feature tournaments.

Carbon Poker Bonus Code

There is a Carbon Poker bonus code which you should use when making your first deposit in order to qualify for the Carbon Poker bonus and all the extra benefits you are entitled to.

The Carbon Poker Bonus Code for June 2019 is CARBONPK

Please use this Carbon Poker bonus code in the Cashier Admin section when making your first Carbon Poker deposit.

Carbon Poker Snapshot

Bonus Type Incremental
Bonus Percentage 100
Maximum Bonus Amount $1,000
Standard of Competition Weak / Fair / Tough
Points per Dollar Raked 10
Points per $20 increment 4,000
Time Allowed 60 days