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Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

Black Chip Poker joined the Winning Poker Network in December 2012 after its previous network prohibited player-to-player transfers. The migration to the Winning Poker Network enabled Black Chip Poker to increase the value of its first deposit bonus and introduce more benefits to players.

Black Chip Poker has subsequently grown in popularity and, although the network remains relatively small compared to some other US-facing poker networks, Black Chip Poker´s reputation for fast cash-outs and exemplary customer service are winning it more friends all the time.

The Black Chip Poker Bonus

The Black Chip First Deposit Poker Bonus is currently 100% on initial deposits from $50 (the minimum allowed) up to $1,000. This means that if you were to deposit $1,000 into your account when you first registered with Black Chip Poker, you would qualify for a further $1,000 poker bonus. The Black Chip Poker bonus may not be the biggest available to poker players in the States, but it is one of the simplest to redeem.

Redeeming the Black Chip Poker Bonus

The Black Chip Poker Bonus is cleared by earning Benefit Points every time you are dealt into to a raked cash poker game (rake being the cut Black Chip Poker deducts from the pot for providing the game) or by paying the fee to enter a Sit n Go ( also known as SnG) or Multi Table (MTT) Poker tournament.

Five-and-a-half Benefit Points are awarded for each $1.00 of rake deducted from the pot in a cash game and split between the players dealt into the hand (rather than being distributed according to how much each player has contributed to the pot).

Players paying a fee to enter a SnG or MTT poker tournament will also receive five-and-a-half Benefit Points for each $1.00 paid, or a fraction/multiples thereof depending on the buy-in to the tournament – for example a Black Chip Poker tournament with a buy-in of $6.00 + $0.60 would award 3.3 Benefit Points.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Example

The “dealt rake” method makes it possible to reduce the number of hands you actively have to been involved in to redeem your full Black Chip Poker bonus. For example, following standard bankroll management and with a maximum first deposit of $1,000, you would join eight $0.10/$0.20 6-Max NL Hold´em games and take a 100 Big Blind buy-in ($20.00) to each – please be aware that Black Chip Poker does host some tables with a 30 Big Blind limit.

  • At each of the those NL Hold´em tables, the average pot size is around $3.00 – from which Black Chip will take $0.15 in rake and distribute 0.825 Benefit Points between the players who were dealt into the hand.
  • If you were to play at a 6-Max NL Hold´em cash game table playing 120 hands per hour, you would be collecting 16.50 Benefit Points per table per hour – making 132 points per hour in total when you are playing on eight tables.
  • As you have deposited $1,000 in this example, you are going to need to collect a total of 55,000 Benefit Points in order to redeem the full $1,000 Black Chip Poker first deposit bonus in the 60 days allowed.
  • Therefore, you are going to have to play poker at Black Chip Poker for 417 hours to redeem the full $1,000 Black Chip Poker bonus – or a little less than 7 hours a day.

One important point to consider before making a deposit at Black Chip is that there is not the same level of traffic on this site as there is on other online poker rooms featured on During off-peak times, it is not always possible to play eight tables of $0.10/$0.20 NL Hold´em and players may have to go down a stake level to find a table – extending the amount of time it may take to redeem the full Black Chip Poker bonus.

Other Black Chip Poker Bonuses

Black Chip Poker has a four-level Elite Rewards program that has two further levels based on annual performance. As players earn more Benefit Points, their Elite status increases and multipliers are applied to the points awarded in cash games and for tournament entries.

Benefit Points can be exchanged for goodies and cash in the site´s online store, redeemed for entries into online tournaments or used to play in live tournaments in some of the most exotic locations in South America. Players on target to clear the $1,000 first deposit Black Chip Poker bonus should be able to exchange the “Benefit Points” they have been awarded for an additional $300.00 in month one and $600.00 per month thereafter.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

By using the Black Chip Poker bonus code when you make your first deposit on Black Chip Poker, not only will you be eligible for the 100% poker bonus on deposits up to $1,000 (minimum $50.00) but you will also receive four entries into the $250.00 New Depositor freeroll tournaments which are hosted on the site exclusively for first-time depositors.

The Black Chip Poker First Deposit Bonus Code for September 2019 is BCPBONUS

Please use the Black Chip Poker bonus code in the Cashier section when making your first Black Chip Poker deposit.

Black Chip Poker Snapshot

Bonus Type Incremental
Bonus Percentage 100
Maximum Bonus Amount $1,000
Standard of Competition Weak / Fair / Tough
Points per Dollar Raked 5.50
Points per $5 increment 27.5
Time Allowed 60 days