ACR Announces New Beast Structure to Boost Competition

Posted on by Nick Austin

ACR Announces New Beast Structure to Boost CompetitionAmericas Cardroom has announced it is changing the payout structure of its weekly non-contributory rake race – The Beast – to boost levels of competition.

“The Beast” is a progressive non-contributory rake race that takes place every week at Americas Cardroom. The leaderboard competition rewards the keenest and most dedicated players with cash prizes and tournament entries, depending on the points they have earned for contributing to qualifying rake deducted from cash game pots.

Last week, the total amount paid out since the inception of “The Beast” in August 2012 crossed the $5 million barrier and – in order to raise the level of competition to new heights – Americas Cardroom is introducing a tiered payout structure much different from what has ever been seen before.

The New Tiered Structure

Most recently, the winners of The Beast have been picking up cash prizes of around $2,000; and although the competition amongst the top ten places has been pretty frantic, further down the leaderboard – where the prize jumps are not so dramatic – there is little encouragement for players to put in more time at the tables.

Americas Cardroom wants to change this and has introduced a new “tiered payout structure” which should incentivize players further down the leaderboard to put in more action at the tables to either achieve a higher level of reward or maintain the one they have against greater competition from players below them on the leaderboard.

Consequently – for a trial period at least – the leaderboard will be divided into four tiers, with players within each of the four tiers being awarded prizes of $2,500, $1,000, $250 and $100. The parameters of the tiers will be determined by the volume of players competing in the Beast leaderboard competition, and for each $10,334 in the prize pool, there will be one prize of $2,500, two prizes of $1,000, five prizes of $250 and twenty prizes of $100.

The remaining $2,584 will be used to reseed the following week´s Beast rake race and any residual amounts will be paid to the players in the highest positions in Tiers 2, 3 and 4. For example, based on last week´s Beast competition, the cash prize allocation would have been as follows:

Position Prize Position Prize
1st – 4th $2,500 14th – 33rd $250
5th $1,631 34th place $166
6th – 12th $1,000 35th – 118th $100
13th $755 119th place $5


Reaction to the New Structure

Player reactions to the new structure have generally been positive according to the relevant thread on 2+2. Although a few dissenters felt that the players at the top of the leaderboard would not be engaged in such epic battles as before, “The Green Smoothie” – winner of The Beast rake race for the past three weeks – went online to express his approval of the new structure.

Certainly the promotion should become more exciting for players in with a chance of stepping up a level and winning a more valuable cash prize, and it should guarantee a considerable increase in traffic at the cash game tables over Thursday and Friday evenings – when some players may have been tempted to take the evening off if they were in mid-table safety.

Fancy a Crack at Taming the Beast?

The Beast is just one of many promotions that has made Americas Cardroom the largest skin on the Winning Poker Network – itself one of the highest ranked US-friendly online poker networks – and you could take advantage of the Beast´s new tiered payout structure plus a first deposit bonus of up to $1,000 if you sign up for an account with the site using the Americas Cardroom bonus codeACRBONUS”.

Further details of the Americas Cardroom bonus and how easy it is to redeem can be found on our review of the site, as well as information about the most potentially-rewarding VIP program available to players in the US, plus what we think of the standard of competition at the site.

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